Individual & Couples Counseling In Denison, TX

The Couples Relationship Weekend Workshop

The Couples Relationship Weekend is a two-day workshop focused on building closer connections and rebuilding your relationship. It is founded on the principles of Emotion Focused Therapy developed by Sue Johnson and more specifically her book Hold me Tight. The workshop is located in historic Sherman, TX. In this workshop I will be helping you improve your communication, connection, and intimacy through a series of interactive conversations and activities. You and your partner will participate in activities in a relaxing and friendly environment. I would also like to stress you as a couple will not be presenting or performing in front of other couples, however it will be a shared space where you have the possibility of interacting with other couples as desired.

  • By the end of this workshop you will have:
  • Address Stuck Patterns And Negative Cycles
  • Make Sense Of Your Own Emotions
  • Learn More About Your Partner’s InnerWorld
  • Overcome Loneliness
  • Repair And Forgive Emotional Injuries
  • Deepen Your Emotional, Physical And Sexual Connection
  • Communicate To Develop Deeper Understanding And Closeness
  • At the end of each workshop I ask the weekend participants to complete an evaluation of the event.