Parenting-Behavior Concerns

Day/Month 1-Assessing source of behavior and next steps.

-Neurological or psychological (emotional, mental, trauma, social).

-Educational (special needs or needing more support).

-Environment (Relational, external factors, internal factors.)

-Parent might need to deal with past concerns or current unhealthy decision making.

-Normal Behavior for developmental age.

-Q &A

Day/Month 2-Life Plan

-How to create plan based on the intended outcome

-Parent start making some self adjustments to line up with family standards.

-How to set up and implement behavior plans and boundaries based on your standards.

-How to build relationships with your children.

-Q & A

Day/Month 3-Communication

-Effective communication

-Continuing to build relationships (getting to know your kids)

-Keeping your cool

-Q & A

Day/Month 4-Maintenance

-Continuing to do what works. Tweaking what doesn’t work.

-Stay encouraged

-Q & A